What is this blog about?

I post transcriptions from my diary twenty years ago and then I comment on them as an adult.

Is this supposed to be funny?



Because twenty years is a great filter, because I seek self-realization through digital re-mastering, but most of all because I crack myself up.

Sarah, are all of these entries really from your childhood and teenage diaries?


So… we were best friends in the sixth grade and you don’t even mention my name once!

I changed names. Sometimes I correct confusing misspellings and grammar. Otherwise verbatim ac litteratim est.

Oh. How old are you now?

I am always today’s date minus January 2, 1978.

What about Mortified? And OPB’s Think Out Loud? The Ironstag Hour?

You know I love Mortified. And here’s me on OPB’s Think Out Loud with Kevin Sampsell and Ben Yagoda. And you must check out our weekly podcast, The Ironstag Hour.

How long have you been doing this diary thing?

I started posting my 1987 diaries (age 9) on my Myspace blog in 2006.

Age 13

I want more!

Well, okay: TwitterMyspace, Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, NetflixLinkedIn, FriendsterPandora, and more to come. Oh, I also play Second Life from time to time but have no idea how to connect you to that weird, weird place.

I really want to leave a comment but I’m so shy…

Oh, please do! A blog fairy gets her wings every time you leave a comment.

/ sarah.e.hoopes[at]gmail[dot]com


20 responses to “About

  1. The Other Sarah

    You are so ridiculously cool. I am amazed by how big this has gotten – I love that you have found this world of blogging and screaming/whispering what must be screamed/whispered. You have always been my coolest friend. I miss you.

    Love, other sarah

  2. Brendon

    Hi Sarah,
    It’s been fun keeping “in touch” with you this way. I hope all is well in your current life while we read about your past adventures!

  3. Thanks for stopping in, Brendon! Current life is wonderful. Hope all is well for you and yours, too. Best, SH

  4. s

    Fun idea! A great way to see how ones grown..and not.

  5. Dear S – Thanks for checking out the blog. A secret part of this diary project is to try to find out what sort of seasonal patterns I’ve established over the years using tags. More on that to come I’m sure. Best, SH

  6. I still have a vast collection of hormone induced ramblings from a previous era. I like to read through them from time to time, it’s a reminder of who I was, what I was obsessed with etc. It’s also there to remind me how terrible my writing can be. It cheers me up a great deal when I’m looking at new work that I feel isn’t my best. I read poetry from high school. Suddenly, it’s not so bad…

    Thanks for this, it’s a great concept!

  7. Ha! Yes, great foil for our modern-day selves. My how we’ve grown.

  8. Leslie Harris


    I love reading this. I haven’t followed everyday but I of course am interested in your orchestra/violin entries. Such a long time ago yet it feels like it was yesterday. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Aw, Leslie! Glad you like it. It feels like yesterday for me, too. :)

  10. Sarah! First of all, long time no see! Second — I love that you’re doing this. I was never able to keep a diary for very long because I could never separate myself from this nagging feeling that I’d be reading it in the future and think it was stupid… now I realize I should have embraced the teenage-induced myopathy.

  11. Hi, Laura! I must admit, I did a little “dear future, writing”: http://sarahhoopes.com/tag/future/. These are among my most weird– deliciously cringey.

  12. JP

    Hello! I spotted you as a new follower on my twitter page today, and thought I’d follow the link to your blog.

    I must say: what a fantastic concept for a blog, and also, for getting to know bits and pieces of one’s self. (Sometimes we forget. . .)

    All the best,

  13. So glad you stopped in, Jeffrey! It does feel like I’m sifting through my life finding all sorts of funny little treasures.

  14. wow. this is just sooo smart and fun.

  15. Why thank you, T. You just made my morning. Best, S

  16. During the 90s my friend Ben kept a diary. We’ve started blogging it. He liked Super Nintendos, Alice Cooper and holidays at Butlins. Even got photos of each page.

    Check it.


  17. Ha! This is fantastic Simon & Ben. Do you mind if I list you on my diary blogroll? Best, Sarah

  18. Hi Sarah! -your acupuncturist.

  19. Hi Wade! Thanks for stopping in. You guys, if you need outstanding acupuncture in Portland (and you know you do) check out http://www.theqispot.com/. You can book appointments online!

  20. your blog is great and i really liked the mortified performance. hope you are well. -Jeremy (from Portland 8 or so years ago).

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