Day 7

Here are my January Sevenths:

– January 7, 1990  | Dear Diary, This weekend I felt ‘free.’ Probably because … [continue]

Janaury 7, 1991 | Day of Hair Play .. I am so happy to be me! I simply adore my atmosphere I created for me, the people around me… [continue]


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Day 6

Here are my January Sixths:

January 6, 1990 | Dear Diary, Quite frequently in my dreams I go back to my old home in La Grande, Or… [continue]

– Janaury 6, 1991Dear Diary, It is late for a school night (finally!) so I shall write fast. I finished my Hopi Kachina mask… [continue]

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Day 5

Here are my January Fifths:

January 5, 1991 | Dear Diary, I am quite concerned about Dupee. … [continue]

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Day 4

Here are my January Fourths:

January 4, 1991 | Dear Diary, My violin and I really have some big differences to work out … [continue]

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Day 3

Here are my January Thirds:

– January 3, 1990 | Dear Diary, Well, we just finished watching ‘Roger Rabbit‘ … [continue]

– January 3, 1990 | -Notes- Once, long ago in Sweden, there lived [a] small family of six … [continue]

– January 3, 1991Dear Diary, I feel quite good today. And independent, too. It seems so grown up-ish to have a job (B.S. Gabe), drive to work… [continue]

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Day 2

January Second is one of my very favorite days:

– January 2, 1992 | Dear Diary, Draped in a foaming sea of fine silk, my plaited tresses around my pale white shoulders, I ponder –


dearly beloved- upon the passing of yet another precious year.. [continue]

January 2, 1990 | Dear Diary,

 It’s my birthday!! … [continue]

– January 2, 1991 | Dear Diary, I must admit, I am sad to bid my childhood days farewell and step cautiously into the challenging world of today… [continue]

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Day 1

Here are my January Firsts:

– January 1, 1992 | Dear Diary, Hello! Had the lovelyest (I spell as I please in my books!) day today, despite my extreme laziness. [continue]



– January 1, 1992 | Dear Diary, 1991 to 1992 it’s so much more lovely that way! Oh well.. [continue]


– January 1, 1991 | Day of ‘Membrance .. Cepher is gone to better things, Dupee is worn out, and tired. My childhood is slipping through my fingers.. [continue]

– January 1, 1991 | Year of Maturing .. It is now 1991 (a palagrom [sic], I might add) and I am almost a teenager.. [continue]

– January 1, 1990 | Dear Diary, When I first came to U.P.E., I was young, cute and seemed to fit right in.. [continue]

– January 1, 1990 | Dear DiaryMaybe I am a strange child. Never do I wish to be popular, but I would like to be highly regarded as a good, nice, true person.. [continue]

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