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Day 11

Here are my January Elevenths:

January 11, 1990 | Dear Diary, I haven’t been writing lately because I [am] totally swamped … [continue]

– January 11, 1991 | Dear Diary, I find it so utterly annoying to be almost in love. Do you know the feeling? … [continue]


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Day 10

Here are my January Tenths:

January 10, 1990 | Dear Diary, I’m sorry but tonight I have a splitting … [continue]

– January 10, 1991Dear Diary, What a lot I accomplished today! I feel quite good and am not dreading tomorrow… [continue]

– January 10, 1992 | Dear Diary, Twas a fine day indeed. Had my Tacoma Junior Symphony … [continue]

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Day 9

Here are my January Ninths:

January 9, 1990 | Dear Diary, Today, at recess in the girls’ bathroom Tricia told me something Andrea told her… [continue]

– January 9, 1991 Dear Diary, Tis I, and once again, it is late, I am tired, and I must do this quick! I replaced reading ‘The Vampire Lestat’… [continue]

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Day 4

Here are my January Fourths:

January 4, 1991 | Dear Diary, My violin and I really have some big differences to work out … [continue]

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Day 3

Here are my January Thirds:

– January 3, 1990 | Dear Diary, Well, we just finished watching ‘Roger Rabbit‘ … [continue]

– January 3, 1990 | -Notes- Once, long ago in Sweden, there lived [a] small family of six … [continue]

– January 3, 1991Dear Diary, I feel quite good today. And independent, too. It seems so grown up-ish to have a job (B.S. Gabe), drive to work… [continue]

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